Close Protection is actually regarded as the Pinnacle, for a lot of within the private security sector and, in case you spend the program with Serpo Support Services, there'll be an exciting and new world, which opens your choice. With the chance of working in several of the most magnificent places, the planet is offering.

The job of a good Protection Operative is actually as varied one and may be difficult at times. As a good Protection Operative, you can end up protecting celebrities, diplomats and politicians, checking out dignitaries, sports stars and sometimes assisting with royalty security!

Both executive and hostile SIA Close Protection Operatives are usually needed to cope with pressure that is high and sometimes dangerous cases, this can call for in depth understanding and education which you'll acquire through our specialist instruction. The needs of the task dictate that our Close Protection instruction program goes above and beyond the necessary standard reported by the SIA very will better ready you for the brand new as well as exciting new role. Our training covers an incredibly wide range of techniques which calls for both energetic sensible and theory training. This's established throughout the period of the program by written, practical and verbal assessments.

UK Regulations set out in the Security Industry Authority (SIA) Act 2001 states that; All people wishing to operate in the private security sector are actually holding a SIA Close Protection Licence. In order to get this licence all possible Close Protection Operatives are required to go to as well as spend an accredited Close Protection program and also pass a criminal background check. They should hold a recognised legitimate First Aid at Work Certificate (UK only). Although in case you're wishing to increase employment in the aggressive security sector, for example Afghanistan, Africa or Iraq next most hiring businesses will involve their CPO's to carry 1 of the following as being a minimum, First Person on Scene (First Response or fpos) Emergency Care (FREC) course) (dependant on organization requirement).

Our accredited BTEC Level three Close Protection system is actually created to exceed and beyond SIA specifications to provide learners with the understanding as well as abilities for people who want to go after a career as a good Protection Operative within the prestigious executive or even hostile close safety industry.

Our Lead Close Protection Instructor, shows both in the UK also as abroad for both executive and hostile protection teams. We use recognised specialists in the fields of theirs of the Close Protection Industry (CP) to instruct different modules within the course of ours, since we understand you can't be a pro on all topics, therefore we bring a number of teachers that are also proven specialists in the subject of theirs.

Although we as a business can't promise employment after conclusion of the program, we are able to ensure that we are going to offer PSS pupils continued assistance in finding work and providing guidance. Wherever dependant and possible on the present Covid nineteen direction we are going to endeavour to set up meetings/interviews on the very last day of the program with prospective employers and security business Directors.


The information in our Close Protection Executive program has been meticulously created utilising our instructor's many years and extensive experience working in the Close Protection business, to offer 1 of the most in level as well as detailed courses on the market these days.

During the program learners are going to spend little time in the classroom, All our PowerPoint classroom delivering presentations will provide you with the necessary expertise, and much more, as stipulated by the Security Industry Authority (SIA), but all of the teachers wish to make the part as painless and enjoyable as they actually can.

During the program, the instructor(s) is going to take you through:

The roles as well as responsibilities of a good protection operative

Understanding Basic surveillance, anti surveillance and counter surveillance techniques

Understanding Legislation applicable to a good protection operative

The significance of interpersonal skills within a good protection environment

Teamwork in the CP team

Understand the benefits of risk assessment, operational planning and risk management

Understand the benefits of teamwork and operational briefing within a good protection environment

Understand near safety foot drills

Understand the benefits of preparing for route selection

Understand the benefits of transport control within the good protection environment

Understand incident management within a good protection environment

Understand venue security operations

Be in a position to plan and get ready to carry out a good protection operation

Be able to offer good defense of a principal

Executing and planning Close Protection Operations

Understand practice that is good to go by, after conflict situations

Communication & Conflict Management Skills

Close Quarter Combat (CQC)


Pupils are necessary to effectively pass the next assessments:

Complete a detailed Pupil Learner Workbook, in which pupils have to exhibit a good theoretical comprehension of the SIA modules

Spend the essential examination in Conflict Management by means of a multiple choice question paper

Useful functionality assessments throughout the course


Candidates should meet the following:

Be aged eighteen or perhaps above

Should have passed a criminal record check. Relate to the Security Industry Authority (SIA) site:

Be in a position to communicate properly in created and spoken English

Ought to be of reasonable wellness and fitness levels as a result of the dynamics of the course

Proof and identification of address (i.e. passport, drivers' licence, costs, bank account statements) should also be provided. The address proof can't be over three months' old

Should you would like to be qualified as a driver on the program then you have to hold a complete driving licence and be a minimum of twenty five years of age. Serious driving offences are going to be separately evaluated by the insurance business.


Pupils that successfully Pass this program will be given with a BTEC Level three Certificate for Working as a good Protection Operative within the Private Security Industry from Highfields that is valid for three seasons.

Note: Close Protection Operatives should additionally hold a valid First Aid at Work Certificate (such as a very first Person on Scene (First Response or fpos) Emergency Care (FREC) course) and also have passed a criminal background check to get an SIA Close Protection license.